August 23, 2022

The results are in – Entyr’s processing and products delivery triple bottom line benefits

by Jaime Soprenic in NEWS, Uncategorized

The results are in – Entyr recycling and products used in creating asphalt, deliver triple bottom line benefits, comprehensive research conducted by RPS from May to August 2022 detail the extensive benefits of Entyr’s innovative processing for a sustainable future.

The findings conclude that Entyr’s patented thermal desorption processing:

  • significantly reduces GHG emissions in the production and end-use of asphalt
  • delivers substantial economic and safety benefits associated a potential reduction in fatal accidents and reducing road maintenance.
  • makes a sizeable impact in the reduction of hazardous waste through comprehensive recycling of Australia’s waste tyres.

The benefits delivered are aligned with some of Australia’s biggest sustainability priorities set out in legislation and national strategies, as well as industry’s own drive to be more sustainable.

Read the full report here.