The complete circular solution for the global waste tyre problem

Entyr Limited is a pioneering Australian company leading the world in solving the global waste tyre problem and delivering a complete circular solution for end-of-life tyres. Using our internationally patented thermal desorption technology, Entyr converts end-of-life tyres into high-value hydrocarbons, recovered carbon black and steel for industry use replacing virgin resources.

What sets Entyr apart is our research-led and evidence-based processing methods, which recover almost 100% of the raw material while operating well below the Australian and international regulatory limits for emissions. Our clean conversion technology produces no hazardous by-products and requires no chemical intervention.

At our showcase facility in Stapylton, Queensland, Entyr has processed over 2 million end-of-life tyres.

The high-value products resulting from our processing are proven to contribute to environmentally sustainable outcomes, as well as the decarbonisation of infrastructure and the net-zero goals of our customers.

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Environmentally Responsible

Entyr Limited is committed to ensuring that 100% of Australia’s end-of-life tyres are recovered in Australia and that 100% of tyre-derived product is used as high-quality renewable products or renewable energy.

Our unique conversion process, with its minimal emissions, produces products – proven by customers and verified by research – that contribute to the decarbonisation of infrastructure.

Entyr Limited’s technology champions environmental stewardship, ensuring recovered material from end-of-life tyres will not be buried or sent overseas to be burned.

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Why Invest In Us?

Entyr Limited is at the forefront of the Next Industrial Revolution – ensuring sustainable economic growth that takes into account profitability, productivity, society and environment. We are the solution for the world’s end-of-life tyres. From end-of-life tyres we produce high-value commercial products through our low emissions process and with minimal waste. We achieve this while keeping our emission levels below the world’s strictest regulations. Our products are proven to assist governments and industry transition into an environmentally sustainable, decarbonised future. Our processes and technology are the result of 12 years of extensive scientific research and are wholly owned and patented by Entyr Limited.


Supercars has partnered with Entyr to convert end-of-life Dunlop racing tyres into high-quality raw materials used to replace virgin resources in manufacturing.

Entyr Limited received the coveted Innovation Award for its world-leading thermal conversion process for end-of-life tyres at the national 2023 Waste Innovation and Recycling Awards.

The results are in – Entyr recycling and products used in creating asphalt, deliver triple bottom line benefits, comprehensive research conducted by RPS from May to August 2022 detail the extensive benefits of Entyr’s innovative processing for a sustainable future.