Entyr Ltd is a publicly listed, clean conversion company with exclusive worldwide patents to convert end-of-life tyres into sustainable, clean energy, proven to support the decarbonisation of infrastructure.

At Entyr we see end-of-life tyres as an environmental solution by recycling them into high-quality products that contribute to better environmental and social outcomes.

Everything we do is to achieve sustainable future for our planet – from operating below Australia’s strict emissions standards to supporting our customers achieving their decarbonisation and sustainability goals.

Entyr Limited is a pioneering Australian company leading the world in solving the global end-of-life tyre problem. Using our internationally patented thermal desorption technology, we convert end-of-life tyres into high-value products: Entyr’s tyre-derived hydrocarbon (eTDH), Entyr’s Carbon Black (eCB) and steel.

What sets Entyr apart is our research-led and evidence-based processing methods, which recover almost 100% of the raw material while operating below regulatory limits for emissions. Our clean conversion technology challenges traditional pyrolysis, producing no hazardous by-products and requiring no chemical intervention.

Our technology is a complete environmental and circular solution not offered by any other tyre-recycling process.

At our showcase facility in Stapylton, Queensland, Entyr has processed millions end-of-life tyres. The number of tyres processed grows daily, driven by the demand for our decarbonised products and delivering an environmental solution.

The high-value products resulting from our processing are proven to contribute to environmentally sustainable outcomes, the decarbonisation of infrastructure and the net-zero goals of our customers.