Through upcycling end-of-life tyres and waste rubber, we create high quality products which replace virgin resources for use in manufacturing and decarbonising infrastructure.

Entyr’s Thermal Desorption Units (TDUs) convert end-of-life tyres into three high quality raw products:

  • Entyr recovered Carbon Black (eCB)
  • Entyr Tyre Derived Fuel Oil (eTDFO)
  • Steel

Our eCB and eTDFO is sold commercially to the Hydrocarbon (eTDH) industry. The eTDH is refined into higher value hydrocarbon-based products for manufacturing and the steel is recycled, and the condensable gases (currently vented) can be used to produce electricity to run the process.

Through using Entyr’s products, our partners become part of the circular economy, helping them to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes in the manufacturing of their products.

Use of eCB and eTDH in the creation and application of asphalt over the past three years have proven to have significant environmental, safety and economic benefits.

By using our products, we support asphalt companies to create their own unique asphalt blends contributing to their ESG and product quality goals.