August 16, 2022

Independent research verifies increased life and performance of Asphalt

by Jaime Soprenic in NEWS, Uncategorized

The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO – formally the Australian Road and Research Board) has found that using Entyr’s Carbon Black significantly improves the safety, durability, and lifespan of asphalt.

Entyr’s thermal conversion solution end-of-life tyres generates high quality reusable by-products including Entyr’s unique recovered carbon black know as eCB.

NTRO undertook a comprehensive laboratory program that studied materials supplied to the Logan City Council sustainable asphalt surfacing project.

The research tested stability, flexibility and resilience in all potential weather conditions.

The results released in July 2022 showed that the addition of Entyr’s eCB significantly increased the dynamic performance and improvement of the fatigue life of asphalt resulting in safer more durable roads.

Read the full report here.