Entyr, as Pearl Global, has invested 12 years in research and development of our unique thermal desorption processing.

Our technology has evolved from our inventive approach to addressing market needs which make a difference to environment and community.

Traditional recycling methods not only contribute to poor quality of recycled rubber but the processing can require bonding and chemical intervention which can have adverse environmental impact.

The recycling practice of chemical degradation of tyre rubber are numerous but primarily it is potentially environmentally damaging and of poor economic benefit due to the treatment and disposal of the chemicals used in the process.

The Entyr solution delivers both a clean commercial and environmental solution. We have challenged and improved on traditional pyrolysis using a controlled atmospherically sealed environment requiring no chemical intervention.

Not only is the processing commercially and environmentally sustainable but it is designed to be modular and is cost effective to scale. It does not require purpose-built facilities.

At Entyr we apply science, research, and hard work to provide sustainable outcomes for our stakeholders, accelerating the move to decarbonisation and net zero.