Austek Asphalt Services

Working in partnership with Queensland-based Austek Road Services, Entyr’s Carbon Black (eCB) and Entyr’s Tyre Derived Hydrocarbon (eTDH) have been used to create two unique asphalt products supporting Austek’s waste-to-roads strategy that will see millions of used tyres a year diverted from landfill.

Together Entyr and Austek have partnered with local councils and businesses to deliver safer, longer lasting, economically and environmentally sound infrastructure across Southeast Queensland.

Norwell Motorplex

In September 2020 a partnership was formed between Austek Road Services, Norwell Motorplex and Entyr to create an asphalt for a racing track that was durable, fast while improving safety for all users from inexperienced to experienced.

Critically failed areas of the Norwell racetrack were resurfaced with asphalt created from Entyr’s recovered carbon black (eCB)  In a 2022 assessment of the performance of these carbon-based asphalts at track showed superior colour retention, a high level of skid resistance and increased scuffing resistance.

Norwell’s commitment to the environment and community developed into a continuation of this partnership fostering an environmentally sustainable car racing industry.

NTRO (National Transit Research Organisation)

In 2022 the Australian Road and Research Board (ARRB) now NTRO conducted studies into the use of Entyr’s Carbon Black (eCB) as an effective filler for improving the durability of asphalt pavements.  The result of the studies determined that eCB improved the quality and longevity of asphalt in high and low temperature regions. In addition to improved quality, there was also a measurable improvement in safety, economic benefit associated with the product and significant environmental benefit.

Building on this research and findings, the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) has partnered with Entyr to build further knowledge of the products resulting from Entyr’s technology and their application to infrastructure in achieving a decarbonised future.

There are five research programs proposed to test and expand the use of eCB in what they describe as the ‘phenomena of the recovered carbon black in asphalt materials.’


As part of Entyr’s commitment to long term sustainability, we invest in research of our products with the objective to broaden their application to the decarbonisation of infrastructure.

Recovered carbon black from our thermal desorption process has already proven to add significant environmental, social and economic value when used in the manufacture of asphalt.

To further the understanding of the unique qualities of our recovered carbon black, we are partnering with QUT in three-year PhD study of our eCB product.  The study involves modifying different asphalt mixtures with eCB with the goal to create and develop guidelines for asphalt use improving infrastructure impacts on our planet.


Ocean Crusaders

Since 2020 Entyr has worked in partnership with not-for-profit organisation, Ocean Crusaders to recycle 100% of the waste tyres recovered in Southeast Queensland waterways and delivered to our Stapylton showcase facility.

Every year Ocean Crusaders removes hundreds of tonnes of debris from difficult to access shorelines and coastal areas – mitigating the impact on marine and birdlife by this preventable, man-made environmental issue.

Ocean Crusaders and Entyr share the same values with regards to environment and community and work together towards achieving a world with no waste.

Entyr receives the waste tyres as they are, no cleaning or additional preparation is expected of Ocean Crusaders’ hard-working volunteers and staff.  And, more importantly, Ocean Crusaders can be assured that 100% of these waste tyres are upcycled into quality products and not crumbed rubber – which often ends up in waterways as hazardous marine debris.


We source tyres from organisation’s committed to the best environmental outcome for their waste and actively participating in a circular economy.  Our suppliers include:

  • Capricorn Group
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Redland Bay City Council
  • Fraser Coast Council
  • Scenic Rim Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Retail tyre groups

Our asphalt customers pave roads for local councils using product we create from the end-of-life tyres collected from their constituents – achieving true circularity for their local economies.


Australian Flexible Pavement Association
TSA Accredited