Entyr is committed to ensuring that 100% of Australia’s end-of-life tyres are recovered in Australia and that 100% of tyre-derived material is transformed into high-quality renewable products.

At Entyr our thermal conversion process challenges traditional pyrolysis converting end-of-life tyres into superior, high-demand products.

Our process comprises a unique thermal baking process rather than burning of toxic waste and is controlled within an atmospherically sealed vessel.  In addition, our process does not require chemical intervention.

Using almost 100% of the waste tyre, our processing creates the commercially valuable products of high-quality recovered carbon black (eCB), tyre-derived hydrocarbon (eTDH) and clean steel, replacing the need for virgin resources.


Entyr plant

Entyr’s technology uses a unique heating process called Thermal Desorption to cleanly separate waste into its component parts.

Traditional tyre pyrolysis is the treatment of waste tyres at very high temperature in the absence of oxygen.  Entyr challenges the traditional method which resulted in a patented process that is both economically and environmentally positive.

Our processing technology is patented in Australia, the USA and with a European patent under examination.