Our patented thermal process produces low emissions. This is why we are the only company in Australia, licensed to process end-of-life tyres using thermal treatment.

In 2022 an independent, triple-bottom-line assessment of benefits associated with the use of  Entyr products in asphalt production found:

  • the thermal process is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by ~23 kgCO2-e per tonne of asphalt (a 24% reduction in the embodied emissions of the asphalt produced) or 61,777 tonnes of CO2-e per year*
  • economic transport benefits associated with avoided fatal accidents and reduced road maintenance are estimated to total $73.5 million per year by 2054.

In addition, Entyr’s contribution to sustainable tyre recycling incudes a reduction in emissions by:

  • preventing the shipping of tyres (e.g., granulated, or shredded rubber) overseas
  • preventing direct combustion of tyres
  • recovering and recycling steel, displacing the use of virgin materials in steel production.

Achieving an estimated GHG emission reduction by:

~805 kgCO2-e per tonne of tyre equal to  104,607 tonnes of CO2-e per year

*Based on processing only 25% of Australia’s annual end-of-life tyre problem.