Entyr RCB ProductDistinct from traditional tyre recycling, Entyr’s processing produces a unique recovered carbon black eCB, not crumbed rubber.

Our recovered eCB is a fine powdered substance that has been used to produce asphalt resulting in safe, longer lasting, superior road surface, while achieving significant environmental gains. eCB is a non-hazardous substance which has been a game changer for the asphalt industry.

The differences between crumbed rubber and eCB include:

Crumbed Rubber Entyr Recovered Carbon Black
shredded tyres (granules) thermally treated at temperature (powder)
unprocessed (cheese grater result) has condensed high value elements for superior performance results in asphalt
contains high level of contaminants reduced contaminants (due to heating applied) no leaching into the environment


In 2022, NTRO (National Transit Research Organisation formally ARRB) released scientific laboratory testing results on asphalt containing Entyr’s recovered carbon black (eCB) as part of an investigation on the impact of road aging and performance.

Comparing asphalt manufactured from raw materials and asphalt created using eCB – the study determined irrefutable evidence that using eCB in asphalt improved road performance, safety and contributed to environmental sustainability.

The research also identified that an asphalt plant using eCB can consume lower quantities of lime, bitumen and quarry materials.