December 28, 2022

Miller Road Logan Village – Asphalt Comparison Test Project

by Virginija Meilune in Case Studies

July 2021

In collaboration with the City of Logan and Tyre Stewardship of Australia – Austek Road Services conducted a side-by-side comparison of traditional asphalt against their Carbonphalt (created using Entyr’s recovered carbon black (eCB) and tyre-derived hydrocarbon (eTDH) ).   The project aimed to highlight the contract in performance and benefits between Austek’s Carbonphalt and a similar conventional asphalt mix product.

Both asphalts were laid on Miller Road in Logan Village – a rural access route which serves as an important link between a state controlled main road and residents of rural properties. Millar Road is also frequented by heavy vehicles serving nearby quarries.

The project stretches over 410 m on Miller Road across both carriageways. The first 210 m was paved with conventional asphalt mix and the remaining 200m with Carbonphalt.

Performance of the asphalt will be monitored over time, but it is expected that the Carbonphalt will outperform the traditional asphalt, will have a longer service life and stay blacker for longer.  Feedback from the asphalt laying crew was that Carbonphalt offered a much higher level of workability and ease of construction compared to the conventional asphalt.

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