December 28, 2022

Gold Coast Springbrook Road

by Virginija Meilune in Case Studies

February 2022

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads via an infrastructure services provider Ventia, needed to remove the existing failing asphalt on Springbrook Road, a high trafficked tourist road set in a challenging mountainous terrain.

The existing pavement was worn, slippery and dangerous. The requirement was to replace the road with a durable high skid and fatigue resistance asphalt.

A small-stone Stone Mastic Asphalt (Carbonmastic 7mm) was modified using Entyr’s recovered carbon black (eCB) and created using tyre-derived hydrocarbon (eTDFO). In addition to the replacement criteria, the asphalt solution improved sheer road strength, increased colour duration, noise reduction and environmental benefits.

Tyres Repurposed
KG of CO2e saved